What else is, is silence.

14 January 2022 | Mr. Wredhök

Hamlet's last words before he dies in Shakespeare's and the world's most famous literary works, could just as easily apply to Malmö Redhawks 2022.

Not a word since December 29, 2021. Not an interview since after the thunder fiasco away against Timrå, except the one we did with Joakim Fagervall on this page.

Not even the usual casually asked standard question "what will be important tomorrow" - the question time of two minutes, with empty talk to answer. Almost like you miss it, it's so bad.

No players have been allowed to leave, no players have been taken in. Nothing comes out of the lockdown that the Malmö camp seems to be in.

Radio silence prevails. A telling silence, for how the situation is, is conceivable.

Sure, some occasional interview behind a pay wall in Sydsvenskan, about how unfortunate it is that matches are canceled, etc. but nothing about the situation in the team or news that actually has any value for those who follow the team. Nothing that makes someone feel that you take the situation seriously and that you are not happy with how it has gone.

This is one of the association's big problems. You constantly piss on the fans by not offering any meaningful information about the team, something that has been regretted in previous posts. You are guaranteed to be the worst in the league for just this.

Why right now this extreme and almost total lack of information, updates and status reports? Not even when everyone was healthy from the virus did we find out.

14 days without signs of life and without any kind of outreach to the fans. Nothing that peppers, nothing that says: "We will fight together, keep believing in us!"

Nothing that gives us reason to believe that this season will not end with qualifiers and lost SHL place.

Stupid Twitter is unfortunately the only place you have to turn to to speculate, ventilate and react and there people are just mean, petty and condescending, so then nothing remains.

This is completely unique at the elite level in team sports contexts and a sign that something is not right. The few fans who are still there and actually care, get no information or contact with the team you live for.

This 14-day break could have been used for so many creative and forward-thinking things.

Instead, it just became quiet.

Very quiet.

Malmö Redhawks

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