Three points without a hitch!

7 Tues 2022 | The blog

It was bottom vs bottom this evening, in several ways. In addition to Malmö Redhawks meeting Linköping on away ice, Timrå played against Djurgården and Brynäs met the top team Frölunda. The evening ended well for our team, 3 points in a match where we got to see the Malmö Redhawks play on the Peter Andersson effect, even though it will probably only be a dream that he will be in the box. Timrå and DIF played a draw and then Djurgården took the extra points after penalties. The only smolt in the cup this evening was that Frölunda codged towards Brynäs.

Malmö Redhawks won because they did not "obey it", Marmenlind [92%] made a good match, Händemark and Ryan have risen. Then this blog will crawl to the cross, We have criticized Söderberg for not being a good captain but right now this has come to shame. Malmö Redhawks worked as a team, they made it easy and then both look and feel easy, the puck does the job and the players use their physique, finally.

Now it was three points and we can look forward to this until Thursday when there will be a return meeting vs. Linköping at home in Malmö Arena. Lower ticket prices, attract back refined supporters, do something sensible about this you gentlemen who decide.

What then happened in the Malmö Redhawks? Maybe it's the case that now that the management is finally, at least trying to make changes, the players feel that they can believe in the whole? Patrik will apparently, according to leaked information, be replaced as sports director, maybe you suspect that the board will change, maybe you believe that the management has realized that it takes a SHL organization to play in the SHL, from top to bottom.

Linköping - Malmö 2-5
0-1 18.11 Marcus Sylvegård [Sylvegård, Söderberg]
0-2 21.54 Fredrik Händemark [Söderberg, Westerholm]
1-2 27.25 Broc Little [Lantosi]
1-3 38.03 Pathrik Westerholm [Westerholm, Sylvegård]
2-3 43.47 Eddie Larsson
2-4 58.23 Joakim Ryan [Bouma, Söderberg]
2-5 58.50 Carl Söderberg [Händemark]

Malmö Redhawks

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