The board responds to the fans' open letters

18 January 2022 | The blog, Mr. Wredhök

Hi, thank you for your letter and your commitment. You can be sure that the management of the club and the board work daily with that situation
we ended up in from a sporting perspective. 

Ever since dark November, we have had almost daily discussions with Patrik and the coaches about how we can improve the table situation. We have believed and hoped that we would
get to see an improvement. During certain periods, we have played better and then fallen back again and suffered new losses. 

We have today decided to dismiss Joakim Fagervall from the position as head coach for Malmö Redhawks. Professional sports are about delivering results and unfortunately this has not happened, which is why we are now
acts. We hope and believe that the now decided change will lead to our beloved team lifting the table. 

Do not hesitate to contact us again with any thoughts and questions. We are all in the same boat and are prepared to do everything we can to succeed. ”

Together we are strong.

Mats, chairman of the Malmö Redhawks

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The best thing there is when communication and dialogue actually works between management and fans.
Here it also becomes clear that both parties share the ambition to no longer just let everything continue, for all eternity and that measures and steps needed to be taken to reverse the trend.
The question is whether this is the first in a series of many changes, or whether it is considered to have solved the problem, with this measure.
Continuation follows, in all probability.

Malmö Redhawks

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