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Learning a few Skåne words and expressions can be a good idea if you are going to Skåne and check out ice hockey. The Scanian dialect is both loved and hated around Sweden. Some claim that we Scanians are Danes and that Scania belongs to Denmark while others think that Scanian is incredibly charming. 

Some common Scanian words

Reasonable Really disgusting, so disgusting that you want to vomit. Takes = Lightweight / flexible Klyddig Troublesome (example: itchy ente = Do not bother about it). Ã… lahue = Idiot. Balle Ham half / Butt. Fobbeck / Fubbick = Idiot. Håssa / Hossor Sock / socks. Glöttig / Glyttig Ridiculous. Blannevann Groggvirke. Mög = Shit. Tradig = boring, Roll bar = Wheelbarrow. Duck = Inte. Tös / Tösabid Girl. On = Boy. flabb = Mun

Ridge Nog. Hotta / Hutta Kasta. Edit Properly. Labbit = Scary. Ving = Sne. Abekatt = Hermapa. Asa = Drag on something. Bloa = Bleeding. Good Bonde. Exchange Coin wallet. Brothers Brothers. Drös High / collection. Fed = Fat. Flabba = Laugh. Fälleben = Hook legs. Fool = Tooth. Fork = nagging about the same thing. Grann = Beautiful. Cogitate = think. Grin = Laugh. Possessive = Greedy. The head = The head. Himma = At home.

Hialös Impatient. Her = Somewhere. Everyone = Tjafs. Kaga = Kaka. Kagig = Kaxig. Kasedans = Dance band music, Mogendans. Keff Boring / bad. Kjelling = Kitten. Knud = Knut. Cube = Coca Cola. Corvalua = Sausage kiosk. Clever = Choked. Cold = Cold. Paint = Sur. laser = Trasa. Macka pear = Manick. Mad = Mat. Möe = A lot. Mölla = Windmill. Pretty = Careful. tab Breasts. Pela = Peta. Pittögd Skelögd. Pjodd Sparrow / Bird.

Pà ¥ gablära = Boy spool. On the street Boyish girl. Pears = Potatoes. Pömsig = Sleepy. Rabbemos = Rotmos. Sagla = Dregla. Sidda = Sit. Shadow = Mes. Tolle = Poop sausage. Tolls Slippers. Tocke Rooster / Redhead. you = Ute. Water = Water. Ving = Sne. Vikken = Which. Whisking = Geting. Still = Still.

Words that contain a T, often become more like a D in Skåne. For example, work becomes "work" and eating becomes "eating". Words with U can be replaced with O, for example up can become "up", especially around the Malmö areas. Words like you, me, themselves can be pronounced as "daj", "maj" and "saj". For example, you could say "Shark on a date, do you want to accompany me to town in May?". Words that contain O often become Å, for example also become “Åsså” or Osså. A can be pronounced as "au" or "aå" while O is pronounced as "ou" or "eu".

Scanian expressions

A 'you = You do not mean that?

Jevla klydderöv = Clumsy person

Take the whole place, you fobbeck - hubba daj! Do not take the whole place your idiot, move.

Aah, sluuda now, was not such a trader ass = Stop now, was not such a bore

Vikken grann tösabid = What a beautiful girl

A 'you I do not bother = Oh no, I can not stand it

What do you stare at when you ate glossy soup for dinner?

He's a shark most of the time = He's good most of the time

Yes, I get so varnished = I get so angry

Damn kefft = That something sucks or is boring.

Run under the tolls = Drunk

What's there? = What's wrong?

Keep the flab = Keep quiet

Kamma Daj = Tighten up

If you are a native of Skåne, you have probably heard most of these expressions, or something similar at least. There is no shortage of Scanian expressions, although it is perhaps mainly the older generation that has kept them alive.

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