Presentation by Mr. Wredhök

19 October 2021 | Mr. Wredhök

Welcome home to Mr. Wredhök.
He's not the one holding the tooth too heavy, really. That's what's great about Mr Wredhök. He's not that picky about what to say out loud and not, he.
Some think that he should agree with the majority, correct himself in the ranks and so on, but those who think so do not know Herr Wredhök.

He always says what he thinks, even when it's a little hard to hear. Maybe he's not really capable of the salon, the good Wredhök. Perhaps he can be considered to lack nuances and be perceived as a bit burdus and even cheeky at times.

So welcome in, but beware if you have sore toes and do not like fuss. Mr. Wredhök is always ready to bite his head in shame. It's a bit what he's about, it's like his thing.

If truth be told.

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