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Info about MRS - Malmö Redhawks SupportPlease NOTE and NOTE that this website NOT has any connection to Malmö Redhawks or the supporter club RS96! We pretend NOT to in no way represent one or the other, we represent ourselves. In Sweden, anyone can form a supporter association or any type of association at any time. A non-profit association does not need to be registered, but if you want the association to have an organization number, you register with the association National Tax.

The domains and was registered on January 12 2009 - this is a website of supporters and for supporters run by a collection of friends. We collect all the news about Malmö Redhawks and SHL in one place, so you do not have to look for them.

This is MRS aka
We are today a gang of about 150 people, of which about 10 actively write on the website and in social media, who all love ice hockey in general and Malmö Redhawks in particular. We are not organized like most other associations are. Most of us are hockey lovers and hockey parents who over the years have gotten to know each other and socialize from time to time even when we are not at ice hockey matches. The gang also includes players and former players but also people who have not had any direct connection to ice hockey, more than as an interest. Society is reflected with us, here you will find rich and poor and what binds us together is the love for Malmö Redhawks.

Our news
The news here comes from several different sources, everything is downloaded automatically, except your own Follow and Mr. Wredhök. We do not publish entire articles or posts, only a headline and an excerpt. Click on "Read the whole article here!" you will receive a notification that you are leaving this site and will be sent in a new tab to the source of the post or article.

Our blog
Our blog consists of thoughts and reflections about Malmö Redhawks and SHL - there is not always an impartial atmosphere here. We write what we feel, a shovel is a shovel, but that does not mean that we imagine that we are always right. Do you think that what we write is not good enough? Email us then, you are welcome to contribute with text and image.

Mr. Wredhök
He is your lifebuoy and secure "voice of reason" in a sea of ​​corrupt puppets, turners and deniers of reality. Sometimes angry (usually) but in weak moments he shows a soft side.

External links
In our menu you will find both internal and external links to subpages here on the website or links to other websites, it can be to various sources, the official website for Malmö Redhawks etc and this is marked with a small square with an arrow in. When you click on something external, you will receive a message that you will now be sent to the source, ie the person or person from whom we retrieve the information, in a new tab.

Does this website have any connection to Malmö Redhawks or Malmö Redhawks organization?
No! Hopefully we have two things in common, namely that we all like Malmö Redhaw's all teams and ice hockey.

Is this site trying to compete with or "take over" the official supporter club?
No, why would we do that!

Why does this site not belong to the official supporter club?
We are a collection of supporters who in various ways support Malmö Redhawks. That we do not belong to the official supporter association has really no special reason, we have only chosen to run a website since January 2009 and thus spread words and images about Malmö Redhawks in our own way.

How to become a member here and what does it cost?
Send us an email and we will arrange it. It costs a happy mood to become a member, we have no profit motive at all.

Can you advertise here?
Yes, it's great, but it's better if you sponsor Malmö Redhawks directly or if you want to get involved as a supporter join the official supporter association RS96.

The translations are not completely correct!
Yes, it can be and it's because we use an automatic translation function and sometimes it gets translated incorrectly and incorrectly grammatically - just to like the mode.

Ab Imo Pectore?
Ever since the start of this site, 2009-01-12, "Ab Imo Pectore" has been involved. It is Latin and simply means "With all my heart".

Who writes in the blog?
There are several different people writing completely non-profit, the thoughts and opinions are personal and sometimes really one-eyed.

I want to help with writing, filming or photography and who do I contact then? 
You can use the contact information here. We are looking for employees, guest writers, ghostwriters, filmmakers and photographers and if you feel that you want to help, you are welcome. We have no requirements for how much or how little you can contribute, no one can do everything but many can do a lot. 


It is also possible to send messages to us via our various social media and you will find them in the menu. There is also a supporter chat where you can leave messages to administrators and moderators. 

When do you get an answer? 
We respond as fast as we can, sometimes really fast and sometimes it takes a little longer so be patient.

NOTE and NOTE that this site has no link to Malmö Redhawks or the official supporter club RS96!
The domains and were registered on January 12, 2009 - this is a website of supporters and for supporters run by a collection of friends. We collect all the news about Malmö Redhawks and SHL in one place, so you do not have to look for them.

We want to be clear with this message to avoid any misunderstandings. If you have questions about Malmö Redhawks or the official supporter club, it is NOT us you should ask because we will NOT comment or answer that type of question. However, we will be helpful in "pointing you in the right direction" if you need help with that information.

You will find official information about Malmö Redhawks on the website and the official supporter club is on

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