Oh, Captain, my Captain!

12 apr 2022 | Mr. Wredhök

Did you hear at 12 o'clock a loud, wind-like sound, which swept like wind over southern Sweden? There were a number of thousands of people who at the same time drew a collective and long-held sigh of relief when Fredrik Händemark today signed a new three-year contract that promises that he will remain faithful to The Red Hawk for the foreseeable future.

There had been malicious rumors about Färjestad, Frölunda, Leksand and all sorts of nooks and crannies for the Björbo son. Now we can sleep well for a while longer.

The only thing that now also has to happen to Hände is that he does not have to play along with icy goal-swimmers, sluggish refrigerator movers or other less suitable chain macraths.

We need brand new LW and RW here. Two healthy, fresh fans, fast and dangerous. Imagine a chain together with Cameron Brace and Ty Rattie (if not both were RW, but you get it.)

For who is as impossible to raw on, really, as when Fredrik goes into "beast mode" and the like Rick Nash in its heyday, just decides to protect the puck at all costs and take the straight path into goal, despite blows and blows, despite close surveillance. Down with the bull's head and just skäääär in. Pang. Crash. Goal!

It's just hoping that Mr. Liljander has a similar mindset, because it wants a wise and appropriate environment around No. 63 for its qualities to fully emerge. We saw that last season, with all the desired clarity.

In addition, we are quite a few who rightly agree that he would fit quite well as team captain, for the same reason. If it is possible to solve, without others feeling disadvantaged, then solve it.

The team's identity, the team's backbone and the team's army commander, all incapacitated in a single grandiose creation. This is a shameless tribute text, without nuances and balance. It happens sometimes.

Good thing you're staying, Frippe.

Malmö Redhawks

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