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4 Tues 2022 | The blog

Then came what we had been waiting for a long time, that everyone who knows best would "change", capture their reason. In lots of interviews in the holy name of conformity it was preached that "we have a plan, we believe in this solution, the underlying numbers" and lots of other phrases, PA was ready for a return but a moment later he was not. Cirkus Malmö, an organization that spreads in all directions.

The effect of this? Well, the team played one of their best matches in a long time, led 3-0, we supporters did not know if we would laugh or cry. We tweeted out "Andersson scares the players to great deeds even though he is not ready". Solve MR this with PA and the players will get their fish warm. This was perhaps enough to make you rise and what is most annoying is that this team can but has not lived up to expectations or its capacity at all.

The first period owned MR, no doubt about it. 3-0 on the board and not an eye dry among us supporters. When others start, Örebro has PP and Kovacs can reduce for the home team. halloran could immediately after the technical put the puck behind Oscar. Nerve in the match and we tore our hair, would it be cod again? Pathrik W took the kitchen route shortly afterwards and 2-4 was a fact. Lance went out, 5 + 20 after a knee tackle and reduction of Ebert. The home team did not come any closer than that and FINALLY Händemark got the net, and with less than 2 minutes left put 5-3.

Come on now MR, fix PA so we can see him in the booth on Saturday, HOCKEY DAY in Malmö Arena!

Örebro vs. Redhawks 3-5 (0-3, 2-1, 1-1)

6:48 0-1 Lance Bouma (Ryan)
12:08 0-2 Marcus Sylvegård (Bouma, Söderberg)
14:45 0-3 Eric Engstrand (Händemark, Lassen)

20:46 1-3 Robin Kovacs (Ebert, Audette) PP1
26:56 2-3 Nick Halloran (Leino)
27:42 2-4 Pathrik Westerholm (M Lauridsen, Lerby)

40:38 3-4 Nick Ebert (Kovacs, Abols) PP1
58:13 3-5 Fredrik Händemark (Pathrik, M Lauridsen) PP1

Shots: 19-34 (4-16, 9-7, 6-11)

Malmö Redhawks

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