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Centrally located in the expansive Öresund region Hyllie. The business is of a broad nature that satisfies different specializations in sports, entertainment and food. The arena offers first-class events of all kinds and organizes, among other things, conferences, congresses, fairs, exhibitions, mingling and parties.

 Malmö Arena has hosted a wide variety of events such as the Eurovision Song Contest, the Junior Hockey World Cup and the X-ray week congress.

Malmö Arena is a sports and event arena in the Hyllievång district in Malmö. Malmö Arena was inaugurated on November 6, 2008. It has a capacity of approximately 13 spectators at sporting events with standing stands. The arena was designed by Pöyry Architects and Wingårdh's architectural office with Byggteknik in Skåne as the building designer.

It was built by Parkfast, the concrete frame with stands was a total subcontract of Strängbetong, the steel roof construction was carried out on a total subcontract by Ruuki and the canopy roof construction that goes around the arena was carried out on a total subcontract by Järnsmiden Stålbyggnad AB. The driving force behind the creation of the arena has been Percy Nilsson which via the company Parkfast Arena AB has invested approximately SEK 3 billion in the construction of “Malmö Arena” and the surrounding district at Hyllievång.

The address is Hyllie Stationstorg 2, 215 32 Malmö and you can call the arena on 040 - 642 04 00. You can find the website at

In Malmö arena there are 72 lodges. The total gross area is 51 m000 and the internal free ceiling height is 2 meters. There are a large number of restaurant and bar places, more specifically 22,5. If you want, you can visit one of Malmö Arena's fast food places and kiosks, which are 3 in number. For everyone's convenience, there are 250 toilets. Of course, Malmö Arena is handicapped accessible, there are handicap spaces. (+ 20 pcs. For assistants). Ice hockey will be experienced live, in Sweden's best arena.


BW Malmö Arena Hotel is directly connected to Malmö Arena. In the immediate vicinity are the Malmö Fair and the well-visited Emporia shopping center. Best Western Rewards is one of the hotel world's leading loyalty programs.

Earn points on your accommodation to spend them on a variety of offers and services such as car rental and free nights. For hotel guests there is an indoor and outdoor gym, sauna and hot tub. The hotel's courtyard has boules courts that can be used by hotel and conference guests.

You can visit the adventure pool Hylliebadet and the water park built around Hyllie Water Tower. The Hyllie district is in strong growth with companies establishing themselves at the same time as new homes are being built. Please note that the hotel and restaurant are cashless but accept all cards.

Local area Hyllie
Hyllie is the hub of the expansive Öresund region also known as Greater Copenhagen. The area aims to become the region's most sustainable district.

Find BW Malmö Arena Hotel
BW Malmö Arena Hotel is located 150 meters from Malmö Hyllie Station, from where you can reach central Malmö in 3 minutes. The proximity to the airport means that many guests use us as an airport hotel. It takes 12 minutes by train to Copenhagen Airport and 25 minutes to Copenhagen Central. Malmö Airport in Sturup is 25 minutes away by car.

Hyllie is located midway between Inre- and Yttre Ringvägen, which means that you can easily get around by car. For car-borne hotel guests, a garage space is offered for rent, "only applies if space is available at check-in at the hotel"

Book hotel rooms at Conference booked or call us +040-642 04 00 XNUMX.


 5 courses with WPT grass, Mondo Supercourt and 9 meters free ceiling height. Booking is made via the app MATCHi or on MATCHi's website - click here to get to the booking. Racks can be rented and balls / drinks / snacks can be bought at the reception at Malmö Arena Hotel. Arrive well in advance of your playing time when you rent racks. The age limit for playing is 18 years, or in the company of a parent. Malmö Arena Padel offers private booking, beginner lessons, corporate events and a hotel package.

Padel tennis (or just paddle) is a really big sport in South America and in some of the southern European countries Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. Argentina has the largest number of practitioners of these countries with over 4 million players.

In Europe, Spain dominates in membership and having the most talented players. The largest in Europe is Spain with about 2,4 million practitioners. Padel as a competitive sport has 19 member countries in the international federation, of which Sweden is one of them. The European Championships and the World Cup are held every two years.

Padel is a very simple sport to play and is best explained as a mix of tennis and squash. The size of the course is 10m x 20m and surrounded by 3 meter high glass walls that may be used in the game. The middle of the court is divided by a net and you always play double.

The great thing about paddle is that anyone who can hit a ball can get something out of the sport. You do not need to have any experience in racquet sports to be able to enjoy the sport. Padel is very fun and easy to learn, fun for those who want to try something new and varied for those who are looking for something social. Padel can be played by anyone regardless of gender or age.

- Always played in doubles (4 players).
- The same calculation as for tennis.
- Each point is started with an underhand serve, which means that the racket must not hit the ball higher than the hip.
- At the first point of each game, the server should be to the right of the center line and serve diagonally. The ball must go over the net and bounce in the server box. Then you alternate side.
- When serving, it is not allowed to hit the side grille after bouncing, only the glass.
- Two serves as in tennis.
- The lines are only in use at serve, after that the entire course is playing field.
- It is allowed to play volleyball and half volleyball. The ball may also bounce in the ground and up on the side / back wall before hitting it back to the opponents' side.
- It is allowed to hit the ball in the glass walls on its own half of the field to get the ball over to the opponents' side.

Lost points
- If the ball bounces twice on your side or a player is hit by the ball.
- The ball must not be played directly in the opponents' walls but must always first hit the ground.

- Padel is played like tennis with game and set.
- Game counts 15/30/40 / game.
- To win a set, you must win at least six games and lead by at least two games.
- At 6-6, you play a decisive tiebreak that is first to 7 points.
- Usually best played by 3 or 5 sets.


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