Short and long term

24 January 2022 | The blog

Does MR not have its own press department, has social media been hacked so that you can not publish what is happening? Why does news come mostly via newspapers behind paywalls? We supporters deserve better than that, but the question is whether what decides really cares:

Waves, agitation, affect, sawing in C More, everyone knows best and everyone has the answer. The blog will now appeal to those who have their own opinions based on what we see, hear and are enlightened about. For a long time, this blog has claimed that there is sourdough in Malmö Redhawks, for a long time we have wondered why people do not call a spade a spade. Hand on heart, Malmö Redhawks are probably the worst in the class at taking criticism, the worst in the class at saying as it is and best in the class at believing that if you do not say something, everyone will forget - nothing could be more WRONG!

Straight to the point, the blog thinks like this:

  • Bring in an experienced coach, sorry. but you in MR who have personal vendettas with coaches, GROW UP!
  • This coach must be "blind to" what number one player has, if you do not place, you do not place.
  • Separate PS from the role of sports director, let him be CEO and nothing else.
  • Clear in the board and in other management, there are too many who do it more than they do good.

The blog does not believe for a second what it reads behind pay walls, in English it is called the "canned messages", ie phrases and predetermined answers to questions sensitive to individuals. The blog believes that it is gagging, and that MRI is overflowing with the wrong people in the right places. Timrå wins, Djurgården wins, Malmö loses, counts and we all understand that the abyss is not far away. Panic? It should be panic, that there should be a bastard mother without equal in law and management but the question is whether it does, in both the short and long term. However, we hope that we are wrong in all the paragraphs and you who are upset about the text, well, we LOVE Malmö Redhawks and we differentiate between SAK and PERSON!

Malmö Redhawks

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