Here and now and nothing else

25 January 2022 | The blog

Now it is decided, according to an interview in Sydsvenskan (now behind the payment wall) says sports director Patrik Sylvegård following:
- Yes, as it looks now, we drive on with Tomas Kollar

Good thing that you have decided (the blog does not believe in this for a second, you say this because you have to and no, we do not claim that PS is lying) because there is nothing worse than not knowing where to go. What worries me, however, is when Patrik Sylvegård tells the same newspaper:
- We firmly believe in this constellation. The guys on the team feel safe with it. Pär Styf continues as assistant and Andreas Hadelöv may be able to help a little more. Then we will see if Hadelöv goes into the booth.

As CEO & sports director, he must of course say so, only other things are missing, but, it does not seem to be completely credible, the logic falters, as it was not so long ago that one believed in a completely different solution, just as rock hard. The blog claims that it is now "here and now and nothing else" that applies, one day at a time, ignore that MR meets Timrå in round 51. Of course it can be exciting, but it can still be completely interesting and meaningless.

Let us all live in the present, cold art area that the MR advantage at Timrå is gone as if on a meager point. Now it's important that we "give Kollar a chance" (well we know that this blog has previously stated that that time does not exist) and it may then it is best to REALLY take one match at a time. Kollar will of course do his very best to turn this around but it will not be easy, there is a (double) meeting vs. the bandy club soon, up to proof Malmö Redhawks.

There are hints that the team will be refurnished, but it remains to be seen if Kollar is backed by strong forces in the club (read the wrong people in the right places) or if he has got cart blanche and can really do it. How about gardens, FIGHT MALMÖ REDHAKWS, we love you regardless, sometimes more and sometimes less.

Malmö Redhawks

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